Mac mini (2018)

Apple Mac mini (2018) Revisted in 2023

News Flash – Update – 4th October 2023: The Mac mini (2018) macOS upgrades from Ventura to Sonoma with no problems here. Let me know what your experience has been please. The upgrade on the Core i3 CPU machine took about 30 minutes. I have not noticed anything especially interesting or annoying about Sonoma compared

Android 13

Android 13 Is Here

Here’s one of the jolly Android 13 Easter egg screens on Peggy’s Pixel 4a. As with the Pixel 4 the download on Android Update is about 850MB and it takes over half an hour to install (all the Android 12 monthly updates for Pixel 4 and 4a this year have taken about that sort of

580 ADGV

A Good Value Computer Keyboard

Computer keyboards are very much a matter of taste. Over the years at the economy end of the spectrum the quality has improved. I having been using KB216 from Dell recently and it works quite nicely. The keys have a positive action and are reasonably spaced apart. This keyboard is great to use with a

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