Android 13

Here’s one of the jolly Android 13 Easter egg screens on Peggy’s Pixel 4a. As with the Pixel 4 the download on Android Update is about 850MB and it takes over half an hour to install (all the Android 12 monthly updates for Pixel 4 and 4a this year have taken about that sort of time to install and the monthly updates are much smaller files). Android 13 has the August 2022 Security Update which was announced 2 weeks ago on 1st August. What is there to say about Android? Without it we would only have iPhones to stare at in the street. Microsoft had a go at hand held devices and failed. Hand held was the beginning of the end for mechanical hard drives in end point devices. Solid state drive prices dropped and reliability and capacity  increased. All mechanical hard drives manufacturers could do was to increase capacity. Thus 320GB and 500GB became the entry level size for slow mechanical. How many user’s machines are there with mechanical drives that have only 5% or 10% of the space used? It must add up to many petabytes.

Update: Users of the Panasonic Music Streaming app (current version 3.6.6) please note that Panasonic say “【Important Notice】(August 9, 2022) Currently we are verifying this app on Android 13. Please wait for the update to Android 13 until our verification is completed. ” which is good advice as this app crashes immediately on the Pixel 4 we have here. This is a pity because the Panasonic SC-ALL05 sounds great playing Deezer through the Music Streaming app and much less great using Bluetooth Audio. We look forward to an update from Panasonic soon. The new Android version has arrived earlier in the year this year than in previous years. How many app develops have been caught out this time round? Does anyone recall which year Barclays Bank in the UK took a few weeks to catch up with their online banking app?

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