580 ADGV

Computer keyboards are very much a matter of taste. Over the years at the economy end of the spectrum the quality has improved. I having been using KB216 from Dell recently and it works quite nicely. The keys have a positive action and are reasonably spaced apart. This keyboard is great to use with a laptop if you find the one on your laptop a bit cramped yet it does not take up too much extra space. Front to back it measures 12.7cm (5 inches) and the width is 44.2cm (just under 17.5 inches). At just over 0.5kg this keyboard is not too much to carry around and yet it is sturdy. The other good news is that it will work with any PC – it does not have to be a Dell machine. Chromebook users will enjoy the Caps Lock key which is not an obvious function on the Chromebook keyboard. Just plug in to any USB A port (the large rectangular socket that has been around since 1996) and happy typing! We have plenty of stock, enquire now and be impressed with the good value https://hamiltone.co.uk/product/580-adgv/

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