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YH-6801A OP


YH-6801A 0P A Rev: A, Model: S971-10266-30, Supermicro CSE-PT32, YA Hsin PN: 0300720, PCB M071-00171-40 Rev: 0.4, 25-SMCSEPT32-01, Backplane for 2 of SP402-2S Hot-Swap PSUs, 2×12-pin on 31cm Cable, 2×4-pin on 18cm Cable, 2×2-pin on 31cm Cable, Small 1×4-pin 3-wire on 20cm Cable, 3 HD/CD on 55cm Cable, 1 HD/CD & 2 FD on 36cm Cable, New, 120 Days Warranty, SRP £call In Stock!      TEL: +44-(0)1273 701648 Email: sales@hamiltone.co.uk

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