200W AT PSU


V520, dan, 25-DV520-01, 200W AT PSU, AC In, AC Out, 115/230V AC Slide Switch & 8cm Noise Killer Fan on Back of Case, 2-pole Push AC Switch on 42cm Cable with Earth Tag, P8 & P9 1×6-pin on 28cm Cables, 1 HD/CD & 1 FD on 30cm Cables, 2 HD/CD on 30cm Cable, 1 HD/CD on 30cm Cable, +5V 20A, +12V 8A, -5V 0.3A, -12V 0.3A, 150mm W x 86mm H x 140mm D, Refurb, 120 Days Warranty, SRP £call In Stock!

V520, 200W AT PSU, AC In & Out & 8cm Noise Killer Fan on Back of Case, Soldered 2-pole AC Switch on Cable with Earth Connector, 1×6-pin P8 & P9, 4 HD/CD & 1 FD Cables, +5V 20A, +12V 8A, -5V 0.3A, -12V 0.3A, SRP £replacment unit  In Stock!

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