TASCAM 8-track Compact Cassette Recorder & Mixing Desk


TASCAM PORTASTUDIO 488 mkII, 8-track Compact Cassette Recorder & Mixing Desk, Double Tape Speed (9.6 cm/sec), dbx Noise Reduction System, ±12% Pitch Control, Simultaneous Recording of 4-tracks, 2 Auto Locate Points plus Return to Zero (RTZ), Repeat between Locate 1 and Locate 2, Monitor Output with Independent Level Control, CUE Master Level Control, MONO Switch, Monitor Select Switch from Group 1-2, Group 3-4, Tape CUE, stereo input 9-10, stereo input 11-12, and 2-track IN, Sync In/Out jacks allow track 8 to be connected to an external MIDI synchronizer (i.e. TASCAM MTS-30), 240V AC, SRP £call

Tel: +44-(0)1273-701648 Email: sales@hamiltone.co.uk


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