Phihong Single Port 30W PoE Interchangeable* Wall Plug Adapter


POE30R-1ATP, Phihong Single Port 30W Power-over-Ethernet Interchangeable* Wall Plug Adapter, 56V DC Output, 10mA to 0.536A Load, DOE Level VI Compliant, Fully Compliant with IEEE802.3at, Non-Vented Case (Black), Field Interchangeable AC Clips*, 2.5G Data Speed, PSE Gigabit Compatible, Low Cost, Full Protection OCP, OVP, Diagnostic LEDs, Data Input/Output Connectors Unshielded RJ45, Output Connections 1,2> DC- & DATA 3,6> DC+ & DATA 4,5,7,8> DATA ONLY, cUL/UL 62368-1 & IEC 62368-1 Safety Approvals, 1 Year Warranty, SRP £call

*AC Input Clips (sold separately), RPA– AB01B-H: US, RPB–AB01B-H: Brazil, RPC– AB01B-H: China, RPE– AB01B-H: Europe, RPH – AB01B-H: Korea, RPI– AB01B-H: India, RPK– AB01B-H: UK, RPN – AB01B-H: Argentina, RPS – AB01B-H: Australia, RPX-03-R: C8 Inlet, RPBAG – AB01B-H: RPA-AB01B-H, RPEAB01B-H, RPK-AB01B-H and RPS-AB01B-H

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