NLRB-393S, ATA133-48SL, 13-NLRB393S-01, 3-head Clear Rounded IDE Cable, Shielded, 80-wire, 48cm, New, 120 Days Warranty, SRP £call In Stock!

IDE100RND18, 18in Round Dual Drive Ultra ATA IDE Hard Drive Cable, SRP £replaced by 13-NLRB393S-01 In Stock!

IDE Cable, Round, Clear, 80 Wire Twisted Pair, Shielded, UDMA133/100/66/33, 3 Heads, Bump Polarised, 48cm, 13-NLRB393S-01, SRP £call In Stock!

33173, 3.5” Ultra ATA66/100/133 HDD Round Cable, 0.45m, SRP £replaced by 13-NLRB393S-01 In Stock!

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