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A7 Mobile Printer, Direct Thermal, 15s per Page, 300dpi, USB 1.1, IrDA Ver 1.2, Bluetooth 1.1 Class 2 SPP, AD-100 UK 100-240V AC Adapter with Built-In UK Plug, miniUSB Cable, 1x C-11 50-sheets A7 Paper, Palm OS 3.5 to 5.2 via Bluetooth on Motorola Dragonball or Intel PXA CPU, PrintPocket CE for Pocket Word & Pocket Excel on Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 (on ARM) & 2003 (on ARM or MIPS), Windows XP/2000/Me/98, In Stock!

Drivers for Windows 8/7/Vista here: http://support.brother.com/g/b/downloadtop.aspx?c=gb&lang=en&prod=mw140euk

Tel: +44-(0)1273-701648 Email: sales@hamiltone.co.uk

Designed to make you more professional In the modern business world, you not only have to be professional, but you need to be seen to be professional – which is where the Brother M-Print MW-140BT micro printer comes in. Undoubtedly slim, lightweight and compact in comparison to its competitors, Brother’s M-Print MW-140BT has the added advantage of not requiring paper to be fed to the machine via a cumbersome paper-roll mechanism, making the M-Print MW-140BT’s elegant appearance all the more attractive by its sophisticated functionality. You’re using your PDA or laptop and you need a hard copy, and you need it fast. Send a ‘print’ command and as long as your Bluetooth technology enabled device is compatible the M-Print MW-140BT and is within 10 metres, your A7 print will be with you in a matter of seconds – on non-curl, internal cassette-fed, cut sheet thermal paper. No cables to connect, no infrared ports to align; just the ultimate in professional, mobile printing. Quality printing anywhere, anytime.

300dpi print outs at the touch of a button, with a choice of 5 paper variants. Technology that’s as impressive as the styling The performance of the Brother M-Print micro printer is as equally impressive as its styling. Inside its slimline (only 17.5mm thick) and lightweight (less than 300g) case, is a level of technology that will allow you to comfortably meet your expanding mobile printing requirements. You have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have: ■ Microsoft® WHQL drivers, so you can link it to any PC with a recent Windows® package and know your print is stable. ■ The option of a USB connection to supplement the Bluetooth technology, increasing your compatibility and connectivity with PDAs and laptops. ■ A fixed printhead, guaranteeing virtually silent operation. ■ Very little time to wait, as the thermal head can deliver up to 4 pages per minute. ■ No worries about ink spillage thanks to its thermal print technology. ■ No waiting for it to warm up, as it’s always ready to print when switched on. ■ No fiddling with bits of paper, as its internal paper cassette system makes changing paper quick and easy. ■ A built-in, rechargeable lithium ion battery – not only adding to its portability but also saving the expense of buying new batteries. ■ Software that automatically reduces A4 sized documents to A7 for printing out on the M-Print MW-140BT printer.

As with all of the best ideas, the appeal of Bluetooth wireless technology lies in its simplicity. Bluetooth technology is a short-range wireless connection that allows enabled devices to ‘talk’ to each other when they are within range. In the case of the Brother M-Print MW-140BT micro printer, you can be as far away as 10 metres with your Bluetooth technology enabled PDA or laptop. And as it’s always available in standby mode, it’s always ready to print – ‘waking up’ when print data is sent to it. Endless printing applications It’s not only Bluetooth technology that makes the M-Print MW-140BT so versatile. 5 paper cassettes (A7 size) allow you to enjoy true printing versatility: ■ Thermal paper: The ‘standard’ paper option that serves a multitude of purposes, and is ideal for work in progress and information sharing. ■ Labels: Peel off the backing and you have the perfect self-adhesive mailing address label, file cover note or anywhere you need an A7 sticker. ■ Cut labels (4): You’re marking a report, or labelling a box, and you need a sticky label – you’ve got 4 on a sheet with this cassette option. ■ Cut labels (2): Perfect for producing conference badges or smaller envelope address labels – and you get two per sheet.

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