Dell OptiPlex 7020 Minitower

Dell OptiPlex 7020 Minitower


Dell OptiPlex 7020 Minitower

Dell launched the OptiPlex 7020 Minitower in 2014. It is a business-class desktop PC that supports Intel 4th Generation CPUs. These CPUs range from Core i7 and i5 Quad Core and i3 Dual Core to Pentium Dual Core. This model PC was manufactured with the option of a Small Form Factor (SFF) Chassis instead of the Minitower (MT). This page is about the Minitower version from the perspective of technology available at the time of writing in Q2 2023.

The minitower measures 36.0cm (14.2″) Height x 17.5cm (6.9″) Width x 41.7cm (16.4″) Depth and it runs using a 290W PSU for use on all AC voltages worldwide. The PSU was manufactured for Dell by seven companies and is available in models that are either 85% energy efficient (80PLUS Bronze) or 90% energy efficient (80PLUS Gold). The 290W is capable of running add-in graphics cards such as nVidia Quadro P620.

Power consumption figures in a configuration using Intel Core I5-4590, 2x 4GB DDR3 RAM, Kingston 240GB SATA SSD and nVidia Quadro P620 running MS Windows 10 Pro 64-bit using an 80PLUS Bronze PSU are about 30W in steady state. Loading an Excel spreadsheet takes the figure up to around 50W. Running FurMark v1.34 at 1920 x 1080 resolution to stress test the GPU takes power consumption up to 80W on 240V AC 50Hz.

Like many PCs made in 2014 OptiPlex 7020 Minitower shipped with a mechanical hard disc drive. At that time solid state drives (SSD) were much less affordable. This is no longer the case. Upgrading any PC from mechanical hard drive to SSD will boost the performance enormously. Here at Hamiltone we can clone your existing hard drive to SSD and all your software will run many times faster. Intel 4th Generation CPUs like those used in OptiPlex 7020 Minitower are supported by Microsoft with monthly updates to Windows 10 until October 2025. Even after October 2025 OptiPlex 7020 Minitower will still be supported by Open Source operating systems such as Ubuntu and Mint Linux.

OptiPlex 7020 Minitower is a reliable PC but after many years of use parts failures can happen. The most common part to fail is the PSU. We can supply you with with high quality Dell original PSUs both new and refurbished for next working day delivery in the UK and 3 to 5 days delivery to other countries at a fraction of the cost of replacing the complete PC.

Dell PSUs are identified by a Dell Part number, Dell Model number and the PSU manufacter’s Model number. These are all suitable 80PLUS Bronze PSUs for OptiPlex 7020 Minitower: L290EM-01, HYV3H, 0HYV3H, PS-3291-1DB, HU290EM-01, 4FGD7, HK390-11PP, B290EM-01, HCTRF, 0HCTRF, WD-ZD291SGF.

80PLUS Gold PSUs for OptiPlex 7020 Minitower will use about 5% less electricity but the price of the PSU is higher. These are all suitable 80PLUS Gold PSUs for OptiPlex 7020 Minitower: F290EM-00, P2W4R, D-0290ADU00-201, AC290EM-00, 776VT, PCB046, H290EM-00, P0KFV, D290E001L, L290EM-00, WHN49, PS-3291-1DA, D290EM-00, XFXKX, DPS-290EB A.

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