Electrolytic Capacitor Replacement

New Capacitors To Prolong Equipment Life


Electrolytic Capacitor Replacement

All Electrolytic Capacitors have a limited lifespan. The lifespan is influenced by temperature and ripple current as this example show.

The KZG series of capacitors is a Special Application series designed for PC Motherboards with 2,000 hours Endurance specified at 105°C with Ripple. The manufacturer’s specifications state “The endurance of capacitors is reduced with internal heating produced by ripple current at the rate of halving the lifetime with every 5°C rise. When long life performance is required in actual use, the rms ripple current has to be reduced.”

The capacitor shown in the photo on this page was manufactured in September 2004 and it failed in use on a server motherboard at some time before March 2009. Power rail smoothing capacitors are soldered on to large copper planes on printed circuit boards. The cooling effect of the large area of copper makes component replacement a challenge. At Hamiltone we are equiped to do this type of repair for you. Contact us now for your quotation.

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