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SP602-TS, REV: 3.0, 25-ABSP602TS-01, SuperServer 7043A-8R, 7043L-8R & 7043P-8R, Chassis SC942i-600, SC942s-600, SC742i-600 & SC742s-600 600W PSU Cage Only, Holds 3 of SP302-TS REV: 3.0 or REV: C, PWS-0044-M PSU Modules (NOT Included), Label on Side of Black Slot CON202 Model YH7601-A, Ass’y: S971-10269 Rev: 12, MFG PN: 8CR60004, 2×12-pin PA on 35cm Cable, 2×4-pin PC on 22cm Cable, 2×2-pin PB on 43cm Cable, Small 1×4-pin on 25cm Cable, Pair of 2 HD/CD & 1 FD on 35cm Cables, 2 HD/CD & 1 FD on 46cm Cables, 150mm W x 86mm H x 290mm D, SRP £call In Stock!     TEL: +44-(0)1273 701648 Email: sales@hamiltone.co.uk