AM630BS20S, 9TPWR2003A

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AM630BS20S, 9TPWR2003A, Evesham eStyle 200W flexATX PSU, AC In & 4cm Fan on Back Of Case, 2×10-pin, 2×2-pin & 1 Molex (2-black, 1-yellow Cables) for M/B on 15cm Cables, 2 HD/CD & 1 FD on 30cm Cable, 1 HD/CD & 1 FD on 20cm Cable, +3.3V & +5V Combined 120W Max, +3.3V 10A, +5V 20A, +12V 10A, -5V 0.3A, -12V 0.5A, +5Vsb 1.5A, 82mm W x 43mm H x 150mm D, SRP £replaced by 25-F9PA250CX03-01 13-A5096506001-01 13-88RB511-01 & 13-CDL415-01 In Stock!

FSP250-50GUB(85), 9PA250CX03, 25-F9PA250CX03-01, iBASE CMI203-981 250W 24-pin 80PLUS Bronze APFC RoHS PSU, Full Range AC In on Back Of Case, 4cm Noise Killer Fan on Front Of Case, 2×12-pin P1 on 30cm Cable, 2×2-pin P4 on 45cm Cable, 2 SATA on 25cm Cable, 1 SATA on 30cm Cable, 2 HD/CD & 1 FD on 25cm Cable, +3.3V & +5V Combined 105W Max, +3.3V 17A, +5V 18A, +12V 17A, -12V 0.8A, +5Vsb 2A, 81.5mm W  x 40.3mm H x 150mm D, New, 120 Days Warranty, SRP £call In Stock!

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