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12100BS, 25-D12100BS-01, Loudspeaker Set 12VA UK AC Adapter, 5.5mm With Centre Pin, Efficiency Level I, 230V AC, Built-In UK Plug, Refurb, 120 Days Warranty, SRP £call In Stock!

12100BS, Linksys BEFW11S4 Ver. 4, WRK54G Ver. 1.1, WRT54G-UK Ver. 2 & Ver. 2.2, WAG54G 12W AC Adapter, Built-In UK Mains Plug, SRP £replaced by 25-E3A182WE12-01 In Stock!

3A-182WE12, 3A-161WE12-021, 25-E3A182WE12-01, 18W UK AC Adapter Kit, Efficiency Level V, New, 120 Days Warranty, SRP £call In Stock!

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