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bluesocket BlueSecure Controller BSC-1200


bluesocket BlueSecure Controller BSC-1200

1700903F1, P/N 870-01200-000 Refurb Unit In Stock!

Supports Up To 25 bluesocket APs and 200 Users

ADTRAN’s Bluesocket BSC-1200 controller is one of industry’s highest performing and most scalable enterprise mobility platforms. Perfect for branch officies, the BSC-1200 provides high-performance, reliable, policy-based WLAN security and complete management for up to 25 Bluesocket Access Points.

For those that still require wireless LAN controllers on premises, ADTRAN’s 802.11n-ready Bluesocket Controller family enable users to easily transition from today’s wireless environments to next-generation 802.11n networks and emerging mobility applications without architectural changes and the need for costly infrastructure upgrades. Designed to scale from small branch and regional offices to large enterprises requiring higher throughput and centralized wireless LAN management and control, ADTRAN’s Bluesocket Controllers support your wireless LAN deployments from the network edge to the core.

Wireless local area networks are being deployed at a record pace as the need for mobile connectivity both within and outside the workplace increases. By equipping employees with mobile devices, leading-edge enterprises remove the barriers to networking and communication, increase productivity, and gain competitive advantage.

Even with the obvious cost savings and productivity gains, wireless LAN technology presents significant challenges for IT professionals. How do you support a growing number of wireless devices and competing standards, protect valuable computer resources from the growing threat of Internet viruses and worms, overcome bandwidth limitations, protect the network from unauthorized users, and integrate your WLAN into an existing wired infrastructure? The answer—ADTRAN’s Bluesocket’s BlueSecure Controller family.

Utilizing Bluesocket Secure Mobility technology for wireless data and voice applications, the BlueSecure Controllers provide high-performance, reliable, policy-based WLAN security and management solutions that have been deployed by hundreds of large institutions, enterprises, and public access providers. The Bluesocket BlueSecure Controller family supports edge-to-edge direct forwarding

Enterprise-wide WLAN Solutions from the Edge to the Core

The Bluesocket BlueSecure controllers are one of industry’s highest performing and most scalable enterprise mobility platforms. Designed to scale from small branch and regional offices to large enterprises requiring higher throughput and centralized WLAN management and control, the Bluesocket BlueSecure Controllers support your WLAN deployments from the network edge to the core.

Future Ready Platform Supports Third Party Access Points

Bluesocket’s “standards agnostic” approach is optimized to support wireless devices and access points from all major vendors, and support for current and future 802.11 versions. This open systems approach means you won’t be locked into a specific technology or vendor, thereby ensuring interoperability with your current and future WLAN infrastructure. This unique “open system” functionality, eliminates the need for costly “rip and replace” upgrades.

Secure Mobility Adds New Meaning to Wireless LAN Security

Bluesocket’s patented Secure Mobility technology gives users of laptops, tablets and other mobile devices wireless access to corporate networks and the Internet while moving across subnets. Secure Mobility gives users freedom to work where they choose—letting them roam seamlessly across networks, even while making a voice call or using a VPN, like PPTP, without the need to-reauthenticate. Secure Mobility technology is compatible with, and enhances current WLAN security standards such as 802.1x, WPA and 802.11i without requiring additional or proprietary client software.

Flexible Role-Based Access Control and Policy Enforcement

Bluesocket’s unique role-based approach provides convenient management of privileges for different categories of users. The BlueSecure Controllers match user permissions to your organizational structure. IT Administrators can define destinations (such as a finance server, router or IP address subnet), services (such as HTTP, FTP, POP3), user locations, time/date schedules, and available bandwidth to control which users have access to each resource. Multiple service and destination groups simplify policy creation and reduce the complexity and cost of administration of largescale networks.

Universal WLAN Authentication

The BlueSecure Controller provides comprehensive authentication options utilizing username/ password combinations or digital certificates, with the authentication database held locally or centrally in RADIUS, LDAP, or Windows Active Directories. Where AP-based WPA/WPA2 802.11i authentication is required, Bluesocket complements the login process transparently, allowing appropriate access for the WLAN user. Where browser-based, secure (SSL) login is required (e.g. hot spots, universities, guests/visitors), Bluesocket supports a customizable web-login page that allows end-user branding and an ability to upload third-party SSL certificates. Where “non-intelligent” devices need WLAN access, MAC-based authentication and role/VLAN assignment is supported, providing true wireless fire-walling capabilities.

“Best in Class” Data Encryption

With the Bluesocket BlueSecure Controller, you can bring the highest level of security directly to the user’s mobile device. All BlueSecure Controllers support IPSec passthru for clients that want to secure traffic across an open SSID through to a VPN server at the core. Other options include using PPTP which is also built into both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Intrusion Detection, Worm Protection and Clientless Scanning for Trusted Endpoint Security

Unlike signature-based tools or OS-specific scanners, the Bluesocket BlueSecure Controller has implemented real-time monitoring of Wi-Fi users’ data to detect malicious traffic based on the users’ actual behavior without requiring any client-side software. This enables administrators to automatically block network access to hackers or worm infected users even for “zero-day” attacks well before traditional signature-based tools have updates available. The BlueSecure Controller fully integrates clientless scanning, to provide a maintenance-free way to protect wireless devices of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware/malware and other threats and anomalies before they are allowed to log-on and gain access to the WLAN. Taking advantage of automated Web-based scanning, Bluesocket is unique in providing trusted endpoint security, ensuring the user’s device is free from viruses and worms, and has the required security and OS patches.

Security and QoS for VoIP

802.11 is a shared bandwidth technology, so network contention becomes an issue as the number of users and network traffic increases. Bluesocket overcomes this problem by providing administrators fine-grained bandwidth and WLAN prioritization QoS controls to ensure low latency performance for voice and video. Bluesocket’s unique stateful packet inspection allows administrators to identify and secure dynamic, real-time voice protocols such as SIP, H.323 and SCCP and provides a complete platform for converged voice, video and data over a single WLAN infrastructure.

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