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FireConnect 4300, AFW-4300, 1890600EU, 3x 6-pin External FireWire Ports, PCI, 1x 6-pin to 4-pin Cable, MGI VideoWave 4 SE (Windows Me/98SE/98/2000), Windows XP/2000Me/98SE & MAC OS 8.6 or Later, SRP úcall

FireConnect 4300 Plus, 1936800EU, SRP úcall

FireConnect 4300 DVpics Plus, 1982200, SRP úcall

FireConnect for Notebooks, AFW-1430 EFIGS Kit, 1932800EU, 3-port, CardBus, Socket for DC Input to Power FireWire Devices, NEC Chipset, 1.8m 4-pin to 6-pin Cable, Sonic MyDVD 3 for Windows, Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE/MacOS 9.1 or Later/10.2 or Later, SRP úcall

VideOh! DVD Media Center 2310 USB 2.0 Edition, 2042900, SRP úcall

VideOh! DVD Media Center 2410 PCI Edition, 2043000, SRP úcall

VideOh! DVD, AVC-2210, 1980200, MPEG-2 Capture, USB 2.0/1.1, Sonic MyDVD, 1.8m USB Cable, 1.8m Phono AV Cable, AC Adapter, SRP úcall

VideOh! PCI, AVC-2010, 1980300, MPEG-2 Video Converter Kit, SRP úcall

VideOh! CD, 1980400, USB 1.1, SRP úcall



TV Tuner, Teletext, MPEG1 Playback & AVI Video Capture, Aerial, Composite & S-Video Inputs, Stereo Audio In (RCA Phono), ISA, SRP úcall

TV-Wonder VE, Aerial & Composite Video In, PCI, SRP úcall


Eskape Labs

MyCapture II, USB 1.1, S-Video & Composite Input,, MAC OS 8.5.1 or Later, SRP úcall

MyVideo, USB 1.1, S-Video & Composite Input, MAC OS 8.5.1 or Later, SRP úcall


Avid Technologies

7020-20084-03, Nitris DX, 2U, SRP úcall



IVC-268G-R10, 4 ch. video capture card,120fps,PCI interface,Techwell 6802,w/ GPIO,RoHS, SRP úcall




CapSure, PCMCIA II, for Zoomed-Video, MAC OS 8.6 or Later, SRP úcall

CapSureUSB, 1x Composite & 1x S-Video Input, Stereo Audio Input, 320x240 at 30fps, Windows 2000/Me/98/MAC OS 8.6 to 9.2, SRP úcall



RTX 10 Xtra, SRP úcall

RTX 100 DV, SRP úcall

RT2500, SRP úcall


Pinnacle Systems

Commotion V. 4.1, 210100175, Windows & Mac, SRP úcall

Commotion Pro V. 4.1, 210100174, Windows & Mac, SRP úcall

Creative Collection, 202261175, Full Version Edition DV 4.5, Commotion Pro, TitleDeko Pro, Impression DVD Pro & Hollywood FX Pro, SRP úcall

Pro-ONE, 202260924, PCI, SRP úcall

Pro-ONE RTDV, 202261123, PCI, SRP úcall

ShowCenter, 202261675, SRP úcall

Studio AV/DV 9, 202261757, PCI Card, Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE, SRP úcall

Studio AV/DV Deluxe 9, 202261744, 3.3/5.0V 32-bit PCI Card with 2x External & 1x Internal 6-pin FireWire Ports, blueBOX External Analogue Breakout Box on 1.85m Cable (p/n 40160734), 1.8m Red 4 to 6-pin FireWire Cable, 16cm 3.5mm Jack Stereo Audio Cable, Pinnacle Studio Version 9.0 plus Bonus Content DVD, Hollywood FX Plus/Mega Version 5 for Studio, Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE, SRP úcall

Studio DV 9, 202261779, PCI FireWire Card & Cable, Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE, SRP úcall

Studio DV 9 Upgrade, 202261687, from Version 7 or 8, Software Only, SRP úcall

Studio DV 8 Mobile, 202261136, PCMCIA, SRP úcall

Studio MovieBox DV, 202261717, External Analogue & Digital, SRP úcall

Studio MovieBox USB V9, 202261730, Analogue In/Out, SRP úcall

Edition DV 4.5, 202261163, PCI, SRP úcall

Edition DV500, 202261156, PCI, SRP úcall



FW3010, VER: 4.5, PCI FireWire Card, For IEEE 1394a FireWire & i.Link Devices, 3x External & 1x Internal 6-pin Ports, VIA VT6306 Chipset, 3.3/5.0V 32-bit PCI, Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE, SRP úcall

FW3010 & 2m 6-pin to 4-pin FireWire Cable, SRP úcall

FW3010 & 2m 6-pin to 6-pin FireWire Cable, SRP úcall


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