VIDEO CONFERENCING, CCTV & NETWORK CAMERAS from Hamiltone, sales phone: +44-(0)1273-701648, email:



NetBotz 200, NetBotz Rack Monitor 200 (with 120/240V PSU), NBRK0201, SRP úcall

NetBotz 300, NetBotz Room Monitor 355 (without PoE Injector), NBRK0355, SRP úcall

NetBotz 300, NetBotz Room Monitor 355 (with 120/240V PoE Injector), NBRK0356, SRP úcall

NetBotz 320, SRP úcall

NetBotz 400, NetBotz Rack Monitor 450, NBRK0451, SRP úcall

NetBotz 400, NetBotz Room Monitor 455 (without PoE Injector), NBRK0455, SRP úcall

NetBotz 400, NetBotz Room Monitor 455 (with 120/240V PoE Injector), NBRK0456, SRP úcall

NetBotz 420, SRP úcall

NetBotz 500 Wall Appliance, NBWL0500N, SRP úcall

NetBotz 500, NetBotz Rack Monitor 550 (with 120/240V PSU), NBRK0551, SRP úcall


Axis Communications

0200-001, AXIS 206M, 45-AX0200001-01, Megapixel Network Camera, 10/100 ETH, For use with Axis power supply PS-H or PS-L, Refurb, 120 Days Warranty, SRP úcall In Stock!

0240-001, AXIS 216FD, SRP úcall


0370-001, P3346-V, SRP úcall

0371-001, P3346-VE, SRP úcall

0471-001, P3364-V, 12MM Day/Night Fixed Dome Network Camera, PoE, SRP úcall

5502-021, ACC AXIS 216FD PENDANT WHT 1,5öNPT, SRP úcall

205 Network Camera for Indoor Use, SRP úcall

207W Wireless Network Camera, 0241-002, 802.11g, SRP úcall

210A, 210A <UK>, P/N 0233-003, 45-AX210A-01, Network Camera, SRP úcall

212 PTZ, 212 PTZ <UK>, P/N 0257-003, 45-AX212PTZ-01, Network Camera, SRP úcall

216FD(-V), SRP úcall

216MFD(-V), SRP úcall

2110 Network Camera, SRP úcall

2120 Network Camera, SRP úcall

2130 Network Camera, SRP úcall

2140 Network Camera, SRP úcall

2420 IR Sensitive Network Camera, SRP úcall

P3365-V(E), SRP úcall

Panorama PTZ Network Camera, SRP úcall


Cellvision Systems

CAS-500W, MPEG4 802.11g Wireless Internet Day/Night Camera, 512x576/512x480 PAL/NTSC Resolution, SRP úcall



CS-MIC-TABLE-E=, Cisco Table Microphone with 4-pin Euroblock connector, 9 meters cable, SRP úcall

CS-MIC-TABLE-J=, Cisco Table Microphone with 4-pin mini jack connector, 7.5 meters cable, SRP úcall

CTS-CAM-P60=, Precision 60 Camera Spare, SRP úcall

CTS-EX60-K9=, Telepresence EX60, SRP úcall

CTS-EX90-K9=, Telepresence EX90, SRP úcall

CTS-CAM-P60=, Precision 60 Camera (spare), SRP úcall

CTS-MIC-CLNG-G2, Cisco Ceiling Microphone (clips for grid ceiling mounting not included), SRP úcall

CTS-MIC-TABL20, Cisco Table Microphone 20, SRP úcall

CTS-MIC-TABL60, Cisco Table Microphone 60, SRP úcall

CTS-PHD-2.5X=, Precision 20 Camera (spare), SRP úcall

CTS-PHD1080P4XS2=, Precision 40 Camera (spare), SRP úcall

CTS-PHD1080P12XS2= (gen 2), Precision 12X Camera (spare), SRP úcall


Creative Labs

PC-Cam 550, 73PD102000002, 1.3 Megapixel 1280x960 Resolution with Software Interpolation, Video Capture at 640x480, 8MB Built-In Memory, Strobe Flash with Auto Mode, Optical Viewdinder, 4x AAA Alkaline Batteries, 1.8m USB Cable, Windows XP/2000/Me/98, SRP úcall

PC-Cam 880, 73PD116000003, 2.0 MegaPixel CMOS Image Sensor, 2048x1536 Resolution with Interpolation, 4cm 312x230 Pixel Colour LCD Screen, 4x Digital Zoom, Flash, 16mb Built-In Memory, S/MMC Slot, NTSC/PAL Out, USB & Video Cables, Camera Stand & Case, 2x AA Batteries, Windows XP/2000/Me/98, SRP úcall

Video Blaster PC-Cam 750, 73PD023000002, SRP úcall

Video Blaster WebCam 5, USB, SRP úcall

WebCam NX, 640x480 Interpolated, Stand for CRT, TFT & Notebook, SRP úcall

WebCam NX Pro, 1024x768 Interpolated, Lapel Microphone, Stand for CRT, TFT & Notebook, SRP úcall

WebCam Notebook, True VGA 640x480, 58mm H x 42mm W x 25mm D, 40g Weight, Carry Pouch, Spring-Loaded Clip, SRP úcall

WebCam, 73PD100100002, SRP úcall

WebCam Pro, 73PD1030000002, SRP úcall

WebCam Pro Ex, 73PD105000002, SRP úcall


Dedicated Micros

DM/DS2A/80/06, SRP úcall

DM/DS2A/80/09, DS2A DX09C-80GB, Digital Sprite 2, 45-DMDS2A8009-01, Refurb, 120 Days Warranty, SRP úcall In Stock!

DM/DS2A/80/16, SRP úcall

DM/DS2A/160/06, SRP úcall

DM/DS2A/160/09, SRP úcall

DM/DS2A/160/16, SRP úcall

DM/DS2A/320/09, SRP úcall

DM/DS2A/320/16, SRP úcall

DM/DS2A/600/09, SRP úcall

DM/DS2A/600/16, SRP úcall



VKGNN, 45-DVKGNN-01, OptiPlex 9030 AIO ASSY,CMRA,9030, Refurb, 120 Days Warranty, SRP úcall In Stock!



DCS-60, SRP úcall

DCS-910, SRP úcall

DCS-1130, SRP úcall

DCS-2121, SRP úcall

DCS-3110, Securicam Megapixel PoE, SRP úcall

DCS-3415, SRP úcall

DCS-6110, IP Camera Securicam Dome Fix PoE, SRP úcall

DCS-6111, SRP úcall

DCS-6620G, Securicam Wireless PTZ Internet Camera, Optical Zoom, Dual Codec, 0.05 Lux, SRP úcall

DCS-7410, SRP úcall

DNS-722-4, 2-bay Network Video Recorder, SRP úcall

DNS-726-4, 2-bay Pro Network Video Recorder, SRP úcall



M6323 Webcam, 8 400800 006189, 45-DM6323-01, 352x288 Pixels, 1/7ö CCD, 1cm to Infinity Focus, Sonix SN9C101 6005 CIF, 40cm Metal Flexible Cable, Ideal for Laptops & Screens with USB Hubs, USB 1.1, Ulead Photo Express, Photo Explorer & Photo Cool 360, Windows XP/2000/Me/98, SPR úcall In Stock!



DS-2CD2012 (F), SRP úcall

DS-2CE16H0T-IT3F, 45-HDS2CE16H0TIT3F-01, 5 MP Fixed Bullet Camera, EXIR 2.0: advanced infrared technology with 40m IR distance, Water and dust resistant (IP67), 4 in 1 (4 signals switchable TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS), Communication Up Coax, Protocol: HIKVISION-C (TVI output), SRP úcall

DS-I120, SRP úcall

DS-IPC-B12, SRP úcall

HWI-D640H, SRP úcall

IPC-B120, SRP úcall

IPC-B121H, SRP úcall

IPC-B140, 4MP, SRP úcall

IPC-B140H(2.8mm)(C)(HiLookSTD), SRP úcall

IPC-B140H(4mm)(C)(HiLookSTD), SRP úcall

IPC-B200, 1.0MP, SRP úcall

IPC-B220, SRP úcall

IPC-C220, SRP úcall

IPC-D120, SRP úcall

IPC-D120H, 2MP, 2.8mm, SRP úcall

IPC-T100, SRP úcall

IPC-T120-D, 2.8mm, 45-HIPCT120D28-01, HiWatch Series Fixed IR Turret Network Camera, HD Video, EXIR, ONVIF, 2.0MP / 1/2.8öCMOS / 25(P)/30(N)fps @1920x1080 0.01 Lux @F1.2 / 3D-DNR True Day & Night / IR distance: 10m, 12V DC 0.4A 4.5W, SRP úcall In Stock!

IPC-T140, HiWatch Series 4.0 MP CMOS Network Turret Camera, 1/3ö Progressive Scan CMOS, 2.8mm/4mm/6mm Fixed Focal Lens, Up To 30m IR Range, Dual Stream, Digital WDR, 3D DNR, PoE, IP67, Mobile Monitoring via Hik-Connect or iVMS-4500, SRP úcall

IPC-T220H, SRP úcall

IPC-T221H(2.8mm)(C)(HiLookSTD), SRP úcall

IPC-T221H(4mm)(C)(HiLookSTD), SRP úcall

IPC-T240H, SRP úcall

IPC-T250H, SRP úcall

IPC-T620, SRP úcall


IC Intracom

MNC-L10 Pan, Tilt & Zoom Kit, 550734, 8x Zoom Lens, 350 Degree Pan, 90 Degree Tilt, Pan Tilt & Zoom Controlled by Web Browser, Indoor/Outdoor Housing, SRP úcall

MNC-L10 Network IP Camera, 550710, View Live Full Motion Video Using Any Web Browser, Standalone Unit to Install Anywhere On Network, Built-In Web Server, No Host PC Required, Built-In Motion Detection & Recording Software, Instant Event-Triggered E-Mail Notification, Supports up to 100 Simultaneous User Log-Ins, FTP Upload Transmits Live Images to Any Web Page for Online Promotions, Powerful Video Compression stores Up To 1 Full Month of Video on Typical PC, Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) Support, DB-9 Serial Configuration Cable, 100-240V AC Adapter, Figure of 8 Power Cable with UK Plug, SRP úcall

Power Over Ethernet Adapter, 521451, MS-POE-IJ, 100-240V AC Injector with 48V DC at 0.35A Output 2x RJ-45 Sockets, MS-POE-SP12 Splitter with 1x RJ-45 Socket & 1x RJ-45 Plug & 1x 12V DC at 1.0A Plug on 20cm Cables, Power Cable with UK Plug & ôMickey Mouse Earsö Connector, SRP úcall



Webcam, 961206-0700, 352x288 Pixels, up to 30fps, USB 1.1, Windows XP/2000/Me/98/95, SRP úcall



WVC200, Wireless PTZ Internet Camera with Audio, SRP úcall



861219-0000, V-UAS14, QuickCam Messenger, SRP úcall

960-000582, Webcam HD C270, SRP úcall

960-000618, Webcam C210, SRP úcall

960-000635, Webcam HD C270, SRP úcall

960-000636, Webcam HD C270, SRP úcall

960-000841, B525 HD Webcam, US, SRP úcall

960-000842, B525 HD Webcam, EU, SRP úcall

960-000963, Webcam HD C270, SRP úcall

960-001063, Webcam HD C270, SRP úcall

960-001093, SmartDock, AV Control Console, SRP úcall

960-001094, SmartDock + Extender Box + 5-in1 Cable, SRP úcall

960-001095, Extender Box + 5-in1 Cable, SRP úcall

960-001213, SmartDock Flex, SRP úcall

ClickSmart 310, 961189-0914, Digital Camera + WebCam, 352x288 Pixel Stills, up to 176x144 Pixel Video up to 15fps, 2MB SDRAM, USB, Optical Viewfinder, Tripod Socket, Lens Cover & Wrist Strap, 4x AAA Batteries, Windows XP/2000/Me/98, SRP úcall

QuickCam Chat for Skype, 961556-0510, 45-L9615560510-01, 352x288 Live Video, up to 30fps, 640x480 Still, Activity LED, Focus Ring, Snap Shot Button, Universal Monitor Clip, USB 2.0/1.1, Single Earpiece & Analogue Headset Included, Windows XP/2000, SRP úcall In Stock!

QuickCam Communicate, 961362-0914, SRP úcall

QuickCam Communicate Plus, 961374-0914, SRP úcall

QuickCam Express, 961461-0914, 45-L9614610914-01, 352x288 Pixels Video, up to 30fps, 640x480 Pixels Software Enhanced Still Image, Activity LED, Focus Ring, Snap Shot Button, Universal Monitor Clip, 2m USB Cable, Windows XP/2000, SRP úcall

QuickCam Express, 961322-0914, USB 1.1, 640x480 Pixels Video & Stills, up to 30fps, Windows XP/2000/Me/98/95b/95c, Retail, SRP úcall

QuickCam Messenger Retail, 961237-0914, 640x480 Resolution, Microphone, USB, SRP úcall

QuickCam Messenger OEM, 961260-0914, ImageStudio 7.3.0, Windows XP/2000/Me/98, QuickCam 5.0.1 MAC OS 9, SRP úcall

QuickCam Pro 4000, 961326-0914, 1.3 Megapixel, 640x480 Video, 1280x960 Stills, Microphone, USB, SRP úcall

QuickCam for Notebooks, 961241-0914, 640x480 Resolution, USB, SRP úcall

QuickCam Pro for Notebooks, 961240-0914, Microphone, USB, SRP úcall

QuickCam Sphere, 961310-0914, Height Adjustable, SRP úcall

QuickCam Zoom, 961325-0914, True 640x480 Resolution, Built-In Microphone, Digital Zoom via Software, Face Tracking Software, USB, SRP úcall



Conference to Go, PCMCIA 30fps Camera, SRP úcall



64L-00002, LifeCam VX-1000, SRP úcall

94N-00002, LifeCam NX-6000, SRP úcall

T3H-00012, LifeCam HD-3000, SRP úcall

WTB-00002, LifeCam NX-3000, SRP úcall

X811890-002, Polycom CX5000, SRP úcall



WallBotz 500, SRP úcall



Vesta, PCVC675K, 640x480, Built-In Microphone, USB, SRP úcall



Concorde 4500, SRP úcall

P501-0009-04R, 501-0009-04, System 4000 Cyclops Backplane, PCB 270-0009-03 REV A, 59-PT501000904-01, 3x16-pin PSU Connector, 19 of 3x32-pin Connectors, Refurb, 120 Days Warranty, SRP úcall In Stock!

PowerCam 100, Pan-Tilt-Zoom, SRP úcall

PT600, SRP úcall

PTDOC-200, SRP úcall



2200-31200-100, CX5000 Unit, SRP úcall

2200-31330-001, CX5000 External Dial Pad, SRP úcall

2200-31333-001, CX5000 Privacy Cap, SRP úcall

2200-31334-001, CX5000 Satellite Microphone (Single Mic), SRP úcall

2200-31631-001, Replacement Power Data Box for Microsoft RoundTable for Canada, Singapore, USA, Hong Kong. Not compatible with Polycom CX5000. Local power cord not included, SRP úcall

2200-61910-100, CX5000 Unified Conference Station, SRP úcall

2201-26773-001, 45-P220126773001-01 + 25-3YCP1310R2ARE-01, HDX 7000 HD NTSC, Refurb, 120 Days Warranty, SRP úcall In Stock!

2201-26773-002, 45-P220126773002-01 + 25-3YCP1310R2ARE-01, HDX 7000 HD PAL, Refurb, 120 Days Warranty, SRP úcall In Stock!

2201-27284-001, SRP úcall

2201-27284-002, 59-PC220127284002-01, HDX 7000 HD PAL, Refurb, 120 Days Warranty, SRP úcall

2201-52556-001, 45-P220152556001-01, HDX Remote Control, English, Refurb, 120 Days Warranty, SRP úcall

2201-52556-107, HDX Remote Control, French, SRP úcall

2201-52556-115, HDX Remote Control, Spanish, SRP úcall

2201-52757-001, Group Series Remote Control, SRP úcall

2668-08416-054, PX4-XX22, Viewstation V.35 Module, SRP úcall

CMA 4000, SRP úcall

CMA 5000, SRP úcall

HDX 4000 Series, SRP úcall

HDX 7000 Series, SRP úcall

HDX 8000 Series, SRP úcall

HDX 9000 Series, SRP úcall

Architected Teleprescence Experience ATX HD 300, SRP úcall

RealPrescence Experience High Definition RPX HD 200, SRP úcall

RealPrescence Experience High Definition RPX HD 400, SRP úcall

Telepresence Experience High Definition TPX HD 306M, SRP úcall

Viewsation FX, SRP úcall





RSI Viseon

Media Pro úcall



VN-EZ1, Internet ViewCam, 1/4" 350,000 pixel progressive scan CCD, 320x240 max movie resolution, 640x480 resolution for stills, MPEG-4, ASF (Advanced Streaming Format) file format, records for approx. 10 minutes on 32mb SmartMedia at 1/4 VGA or up to 2 hours 17 minutes in 160x120 modes, up to one hour recording on 4x AA alkaline batteries, 81.4x89.5x42mm, approx 5.2oz (148g) weight with batteries, 1.8" 61,380 pixel TFT LCD colour viewer, 20mm 100mW loudspeaker, supplied with one 4mb SmartMedia card, Win9x, SRP úcall



3000 MXP Codec, SRP úcall

6000 MXP Codec, SRP úcall

Codec C60, SRP úcall

Personal Telepresence 1700 MXP, SRP úcall

Telepresence Engine Codec C90, SRP úcall

Telepresence Server MSE 8710 Series, SRP úcall

Telepresence Server TS 7000 Series, SRP úcall

Telepresence T1, SRP úcall

Telepresence T3, SRP úcall

Vision 610, SRP úcall



814 PCI Surveillance Interface, 12948, 4x Composite Video Inputs, PAL/NTSC or SECAM, up to 320x240 Resolution per Connected Camera at 5 to 20fps, Conexant Fusion 878A 25878-13 Chipset, Windows XP/2000/Me/98 úcall

Wireless Security Camera 100C, 12425 úcall

Wireless Security Camera System 100S, 12297 úcall



VidyoRoom HD-100, SRP úcall

VidyoRoom HD-220, DEV-RM-HD220-SA-0C, SRP úcall



Videum Conference Pro PCI, 10205, Videum AV PCI Capture Card, XC77B/490 Camera, Sony DR-50 Stereo Mic/Headset, Windows 3.11/9x/2000/NT4.0, SRP úcall



201800, AFT-50TRANS-1, ADPRO FastTx Transaction Device option, SRP úcall

201843, AFTX-10, ADPRO FastTx 10-channel, SRP úcall

201844, AFTX-10-D, ADPRO FastTx 10-channel + DTCT Down-the-Coax-Telemetry, SRP úcall

201845, AFTX-20, ADPRO FastTx 20-channel, SRP úcall

201846, AFTX-20-D, ADPRO FastTx 20-channel + DTCT Down-the-Coax-Telemetry, SRP úcall

201847, AFTX-10-DRU, ADPRO FastTx Digital Recording Upgrade for 10-channel Unit, SRP úcall

201848, AFTX-20-DRU, ADPRO FastTx Digital Recording Upgrade for 20-channel Unit, SRP úcall

202175, AFT-10-R-ATU, Upgrade Kit AFTR 10-channel For Alarm Transmission, SRP úcall

202176, AFT-20-R-ATU, Upgrade Kit AFTR 20-channel For Alarm Transmission, SRP úcall

202201, AFT-5020-1-1-R, ADPRO AFTR 10-channel With 1 HDD 1 VCE Without Alarm Transmission, SRP úcall

202234, AFT-5020-1-2-R, ADPRO AFTR 20-channel With 1 HDD 2 VCE Without Alarm Transmission, SRP úcall


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