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MV800, 0105B011AA, 20x Optical Zoom, DiGC DV & Easy Mode, 2.4” LCD, 16:9 Widescreen Mode, Image Stabilization, SRP £call

DM-G30Hi, SRP £call

DM-G35Hi, SRP £call

DM-MV3i, 45-CANDMMV3I-01, Digital Camcoreder, SRP £call

DM-MV6iMC, SRP £call

DM-MV650i, 8430A009AA, 22x Optical & 440x Digital Zoom, USB & Direct Print, XGA Still Images, Night Mode & Super Night Mode, SD/MMC Slot, Digital Animation Mix Capabilty, SRP £call

DM-MV700, 9387A007AA, 18x Optical & 360x Digital Zoom, SRP £call

DM-MV700i, 9386A007AA, SRP £call

DM-MV750i, SRP £call

DM-MV780i, SRP £call

DM-MVX3i, 9001A008AA, 2.2 Megapixel CCD, 10x Optical & 200x Digital Zoom with Optical Image Stabiliser, 3.5” Colour LCD & Viewfinder, SRP £call

DM-MVX10i, SRP £call

DM-MVX200, SRP £call

DM-MVX250i, SRP £call

DM-V60Hi, SRP £call

DM-V65Hi, SRP £call

DM-XL1S E(B) Kit, 7047A002AA, 45-C7047A002AA-01, 3-CCD, PAL, MiniDV, Detachable 16x Zoom Lens XL 5.5-88mm with IS II Optical Image Stabilizer, Lens Hood, Detachable Stereo Microphone, 0.7” FU-500 Detachable, 180,000 Pixel Colour Viewfinder Unit, Wireless Controller WL-D3000, 2x AAA Batteries, 1x CR2025 MnO2-Li Cell, DC-900 DC Coupler, BP-930 Battery Pack, CA-910B Power Adapter/Battery Charger 100-240v AC with UK Plug, S-Video Cable, Stereo Phono Cable, SCART to 3x Phono Adapter, SP-100 Shoulder Pad, SS-1000 Shoulder Strap, Soft Bag for Accessories, SRP £call

DM-XM2, 7921A011AA, SRP £call



BR-DV600E, Professional DV Recorder/Player SRP £call

GR-D20EK SRP £call

GR-D50EK SRP £call

GR-D70EK SRP £call

GR-D200EK SRP £call

GR-DV700EK SRP £call

GR-DV4000EK SRP £call



GR-DX25EK SRP £call

GR-DX95EK SRP £call

GR-DX95EK SRP £call

GR-DVP1, Mini-DV SRP £call

GR-DVP3, Mini-DV SRP £call

HR-DVS3EK, MiniDV & Super VHS VCR, Easy PC Connectivity & NLE Compatiblility, One Touch Dubbing, 64-programme EasyEdit, DV In/Out, Super VHS ET Recording, DigiPure Technology, MiniDV PCM Digital Audio & Hi-Fi VHS Stereo with NICAM/A2 Decoder, Advanced Jog Dial on VCR, Reliable Timer Recording, VideoPlus+ Deluxe, Express Programming, S-VHS/VHS NTSC Playback on PAL TV with Hi-Fi Audio, Auto SP/LP Timer Recording, Auto PDC, VHS/S-VHS Index Search, Variable Search, 1-year/6-event Programmable Timer, Still & Frame Advance, Skip Search, T-V Link, Multi-Brand TV/Satellite Compatible LCD Remote, VHS/S-VHS B.E.S.T. Picture System, Power Save Mode, Dual SCART with Satellite/PDC Compatibility, 99-channel Frequency Synthesised I Tuner & Hyperband, Colour On-Screen Display, Tape Resume, Timer Overlap & Head Cleaning Warnings, VHS/S-VHS Retake & Zero Frame Editing, Remote Pause Input, Audio Level Indicator SRP £call



NV-DS38B, 45-PANNVDS38B-01 SRP £call

NV-DS60B SRP £call

NV-DS65B SRP £call

NV-GS10B SRP £call

NV-GS30B SRP £call

NV-GS40B SRP £call

NV-GS40B SRP £call

NV-GS70B, 3 CCD SRP £call

NV-MX500B, 3 CCD SRP £call

NV-FJ630B-S, VHS VCR, NTSC Playback on PAL TV, Jet Rewind, Silver SRP £call



DVM60PR2, 71-SDVM60PR2-01, Mini DV Digital Video Cassette, SP 60 Minutes, LP 90 Minutes SRP £call

DVM60EXM2, CM4K IC Memory MiniDV Tape SRP £call

DCR-DVD201 SRP £call

DCR-DVD203E, 1.07/1.00 Gross/Effective(Still) Megapixels, Carl Zeiss Lens, Wide/16:9, DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+RW, PAL Only, 2.7” Wide LCD, Dolby 5.1 Creator, Active InterfaceShoe, AC-L25B 100-240V AC Adapter, NP-FP50 InfoLITHIUM Rechargeable Battery Pack, Remote Commander, Stereo A/V Cable, Shoulder Strap, USB to mini-USB Cable, 1x Sony DMR30A 80mm 30min 1.4GB DVD-R Disc, Cleaning Cloth, up to 5 Hours Battery Life with LCD Screen Off using Optional NP-FP90 Battery SRP £call

DCR-PC55ES, miniDV Camcorder SRP £call

DCR-HC20 SRP £call

DCR-PC6 SRP £call

DCR-PC9 SRP £call

DCR-PC120 SRP £call

DCR-TRV15 SRP £call

DCR-TRV17 SRP £call

DCR-TRV30E SRP £call

DCR-TRV60 SRP £call

DCR-TRV80 SRP £call

DCR-TRV228, Hi 8 SRP £call

DCR-TRV255, Digital Handycam Digital 8 SRP £call

DCR-TRV265, Digital 8 SRP £call

DCR-TRV460E, Digital Handycam Digital 8, PAL, 990x Digital Zoom, DV In & Out, Memory Stick Slot, AC-L15B 100-240V AC Adapter, Figure of 8 Power Cable with UK Plug, NP-FM30 7.2V 5Wh infoLithium Rechargeable Battery, Remote Commander, Stereo AV & USB Cables, Shoulder Strap, Cleaning Cloth, Lens Cap SRP £call

DCR-VX2000 SRP £call

DSR-200AP, 3x 1/3” CCD each with 470,000 Pixels (440,000 Effective Pixels), 10x Zoom, 20x Digital Zoom, Super Steady Shot, 16:9/4:3 Switchable Aspect Ratio, 625 line resolution, I-Link interface, Memory Stick & PC card adapter supplied, 4.7kg (10.5lb) Weight with NP-10000/B Battery Holder with 3x NP-950 Batteries & Tape SRP £call

DSR-250P SRP £call

DSR-V10P, DVCAM Video Walkman Recorder, 5.5" colour LCD monitor, 2.5 hours recording & playback with InfoLITHIUM battery, I-Link interface SRP £call

Digital Video PC Capture PCI Card SRP £call

AC-SQ950D, AC-SQ950, AC Adapter & Battery Charger for 2x infoLithium Batteries, Super Quick & Quick Modes, 100-240V AC, Figure of 8 Power Cable with UK Plug, DCC-VQ1 12/24V DC Car Battery Cigar Lighter Adapter SRP £call

AC-VQ800, AC Adapter/Battery Charger for M (NP-FM) & L (NP-F) Series Batteries SRP £call

DC-VQ800, DC Car Adapter/Battery Charger for M & L Series Batteries SRP £call


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