TV TUNER CARDS from Hamiltone, phone: +44-(0)1273-701648, email:

TV TUNER CARDS from Hamiltone, sales phone: +44-(0)1273-701648, email:


ADS Technologies

Instant TV DVB-T, PTV-334, Digital Terrestrial TV PCI Card, S-Video & Composite Inputs, Remote Control, Windows XP/2000, SRP úcall



MyCinema-P7131 Hybrid, MYC-P7131H/FM/DVBT/P/A, 90-YC01A04-UAYZ, 53-ASMYCP7131H-01, Digital & Analogue TV plus FM Radio, Analogue Video In, 3.3/5.0V PCI Card with Standard & Low-Profile Brackets, Philips SAA7131E, TDA10046A Chipset, IR Remote Control, S-Video & Composite Breakout Cable, FM Antenna, CyberLink PowerCinema 4, Windows XP, Media Center 2005, SRP úcall



TV Tuner, Teletext, MPEG1 Playback & AVI Video Capture, Aerial, Composite & S-Video Inputs, Stereo Audio In (RCA Phono), ISA, Win9x (WinMe NOT Supported), SRP úcall



AVerTV GO 007 FM Plus, 53-AV670931-01, PCI,  Analogue TV, FM Radio, Watch & Capture TV/Video, S-Video & Audio Inputs, IR Remote Control, FM Radio Antenna, Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE, SRP úcall

AVerTV DVB-T 777, 53-AV671112-01, Digital Terrestrial TV PCI Receiver, HDTV 1080i/720P Ready, 75 Ohm TV Antenna, S-Video & Composite Inputs, 5.0V PCI, Philips SAA7134HL, IR Remote Control, 2x AAA Alkaline Batteries, Windows MCE 2005/XP/2000, SRP úcall


Club 3D

ZAP-TV2202, 7P1030607570, LR306 Rev: N, 53-CL3DZAPTV2202-01, DVB-T & Analogue TV & FM Radio, Teletext, USB IR Remote Control, PAL/SECAM/NTSC, Philips SAA7131, TDA10046A, 8275AC1 Chipset, S-Video & Composite In, 3.3/5.0V PCI, CyberLink PowerCinema 4, PowerDirector 3, PowerProducer 3, PowerDVD 6, MediaShow 2, Windows XP & MCE, SRP úcall


Compro Technology

VideoMate Action Pro, 006-060021, USB 2.0 TV, SRP úcall

VideoMate DVB-T300, 006-060019, 53-CVDVT300-01, Philips Hybrid Digital & Analogue Terrestrial TV Tuner, Supports Hi-Res 1080i HDTV & All Australian DVB-T Audio Formats, Power Up Scheduling, Remote PC Power On/Off, PCI 2.2, IR Remote Control for TV & DVD, 2x AAA Batteries, ComproDTV, ComproDVD 2, Ulead PhotoExplorer 8.5 SE, Windows Media Centre Edition 2005/XP/2000, SRP úcall

VideoMate DVB-U2000, 006-060020, SRP úcall

VideoMate TV Gold Plus II PCI, 006060018, SRP úcall

VideoMate TV PVR FM, 006-060017, TV & FM Radio, Remote Control, SRP úcall



DEC 1100-t, 660, Freeview Digital Terrestrial Receiver for TV Set, SCART & RF Cables, SRP úcall

DEC 2000-t, 137, Freeview Digital Terrestrial Receiver, USB, SCART & RF Connections, SRP úcall

DEC 3000-s, 167, SRP úcall

DV-Wizard, SRP úcall

DV-Wizard Pro, FireWire, 848, Windows 2000/Me/98SE, SRP úcall

Media MVP, Model 1004, SRP úall

MyTV, Model 802, USB, MAC, SRP úcall

MyTV-FM, TV Tuner & FM Stereo Radio, S-Video & Composite Capture QT, USB, MAC G3/G4/iMAC/iBook/PowerBook, SRP úcall

MyVideo, Model 809, USB, MAC, SRP úcall

MyView TV, Model 804, TV Tuner, S-Video & Composite Capture QT, USB, MAC G3/G4/iMAC/iBook/PowerBook, SRP úcall

WinTV DVB-S, Model 717, PCI, Satellite Digital TV & MPEG Capture, Windows 2000/Me/98/95, SRP úcall

WinTV Express, Model 756, PCI, SRP úcall

WinTV-GO, Model 607, SL-607-V1.3-UK, PCI 3.3/5V, Teletext, Composite Video In, Conexant Broadcast Decoder CX23881-27, SoftPVR, Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE, SRP úcall

WinTV-HVR900, 246, USB Stick, Analogue & Digital TV, SRP úcall

WinTV Nexus-s, 717, DVBS Satellite Receiver, PCI 2.1, Remote Control, Windows XP/2000 Pro/Me/98/95, SRP úcall

WinTV NOVA, Model 542, Digital Satellite TV & Radio, PCI 2.1, Windows 2000/Me/98/95, SRP úcall

WinTV NOVA-s USB, Model 907, Satellite Digital Receiver with TV Tuner & Video Recorder, Windows XP/2000 Pro/Me/98, SRP úcall

WinTV NOVA-t, Model 908, USB 1.1, DVB Terrestrial Receiver & Recorder, Free To Air Digital TV, Record Digital TV to Disc in MPEG-2, Digital Stereo Radio (not DAB) & Teletext, 240v AC Adapter with Built-In UK Plug, InterVideo WinDVD, Windows XP/2000 Pro/Me/98SE, SRP úcall

WinTV NOVA-t, Model 909, PCI, Digital Free to Air, Windows XP/2000/Me/98, SRP úcall

WinTV Primio-FM with SoftPVR, Model 793, TV, Teletext & FM Stereo Radio, 3.3/5V PCI, IR Remote Control, 2x AAA Alkaline Batteries, FM Radio Aerial, Audio Cable for Sound Card, Windows XP/2000/NT4.0/Me/98/95, SRP úcall

WinTV PCI-FM, Model 747, TV, Teletext, Nicam Stereo, FM Stereo Radio, Remote Control, S-Video & Composite In, 4:2:2 Video Capture up to 1600x1200 Resolution, Windows XP/2000/NT4.0/Me/9x SRP úcall

WinTV Theatre, Model 498, TV, Dolby Prologic Surround Sound, FM Stereo Radio, SRP úcall

WinTV USB, Model 566, TV & Teletext, WinTV-snapshot video capture software, S-Video & TV Aerial Inputs, Line-In & Line-Out Audio Mini-Jacks, Windows XP/2000/Me/98, SRP úcall

WinTV USB-FM, Model 573, TV, Teletext & FM Stereo Radio, Windows XP/2000/Me/98, SRP úcall

WinTV PVR 250, Model 983, PCI 2.1, Ulead DVD MovieFactory SE, Windows XP/2000 Pro/Me/98SE, SRP úcall

WinTV PVR 350, Model 993, PCI, SRP úcall

WinTV PVR, Personal Video Recorder, Model 883, PCI, NICAM Stereo TV & FM Stereo Radio, MPEG 1 & 2 Capture, S-Video, Line-In & Line-Out Audio Connectors, IR Remote Control, 2x AAA Alkaline Batteries, Indoor FM Radio Antenna, Short Stereo Mini-Jack Audio Cable, S-Video to Composite Adapter, Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE, SRP úcall

WinTV PVR USB, Model 893, SRP úcall

WinTV PVR USB 2, Model 958, Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE, SRP úcall


Pinnacle Systems

PCTV Deluxe, 202261247, External USB, SRP úcall

PCTV Stereo, 202261548, Internal TV Tuner with Teletext, Nicam Stereo, 3.3/5.0V PCI Card, S-Video & Composite Inputs, Philips SAA7134HL Chip, 4-pin Internal Audio Header, Infrared Remote Control, Infrared Receiver with DB-9 Serial Connector, 2x AA Alkaline Batteries, 30cm 3.5mm Jack Stereo Audio Cable, Pinnacle Show Center Software, Windows XP/2000/Me, SRP úcall

PCTV Pro, 202261089, PCI, SRP úcall

PCTV USB, 202261887, SRP úcall


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